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Trying to build a successful international B2B marketplace in services’ space is as though as it gets. We found key strategic partner in Nove igre for turning TrainedIn into a 100M+ company.

Nove igre initially helped TrainedIn in 2021 to move forward with a software platform project that stuck. Damir showed ultimate diligence in unearthing and modelling of our business which resulted in doubling the number of services we’ll be providing. He is the type of a person you feel very comfortable working with, even when the going gets though and rough.

He is reliable for getting complex things done no matter the unexpected efforts it takes to achieve it. TrainedIn wouldn’t be anywhere near where it’s headed today without such strategic approach to our business technology and platform development devised and managed by Nove igre.

It’s hard even just to list all the things Nove igre helped or made for us: business technology model; software requirements; project management; managing GDPR issues; managing resolution of couple of very though international business legal questions; financial modelling to be able to do what-if analysis and various business development scenarios; helping in project scoping and phases in accordance with business logic, marketing possibilities, technological possibilities and budget; helping around seeking investment; managing optimisation of fintech stack for complex international transactions and tax compliance.

Damir never ceases to amaze me by pulling yet another skill from his arsenal or a resource from his network when we need it.

Sorcha Finucane, Founder and CEO at TrainedIn Ltd.

In a pilot project, Damir analyzed and modeled pricing & budgeting business processes, and created professional grade requirements documentation.

His insisting on this systematic approach resulted in a serious shift in managing expectations about the complexity of the future system and more realistic budgeting. Damir earned our trust, and we gave him the task to devise a way to model and document our enterprise architecture in accordance with our current and future information needs that we are to expect from that model.

Not only that he managed to find his way around literary dozens of our systems, but before doing all that, he himself devised Valamar Enterprise Architecture Modeling Framework – a UML based framework relatively simple to be used by non-professional IT-savvy modelers, yet powerful enough to be able to be queried and to answer all information needs that we have strategically planned together at the beginning.

Roberto Gobo, Director Of Digitalization at Valamar Riviera

Damir grasped all intricacies of our operations in impressively short time. He delivered excellent overview of software requirements for Controlling department. He is great asset to have.

Jasmin Bajic, President and CEO at Croatia Airlines

Damir is a highly trustworthy, reliable and exceptionally skilled tech professional. He quickly became an expert in our GoSend Inc. operations, and a go-to person for our IT strategy.

I especially appreciated his approach of making operations as cost-effective as feasible and having the investor’s best interests in mind. He also had a number of creative initiatives to widen our market reach. I have great confidence in him.

Christopher Smith, CEO at Transit Systems and

Working together with Damir on a complex software/IT product, requiring team with multiple IT skill sets, was an excellent experience.

His product ownership coupled with lead architect position, enabled for all of my coworkers smooth and easily managed development process. This was one of the few projects where our agile development was truly agile, tasks perfectly understandable and well defined.

Thanks to this, keeping with budget as well as with time constraints/plans was an easy thing to do. I would highly recommend Damir for any future projects.

Tihomir Juric, IT Consultant, SAP B1 expert, Software development manager

Damir is a conscientious, creative and focused technology leader. Throughout our several projects together, Damir consistently came to the table with innovative business and technical ideas.

Unlike many technology leaders, Damir is able to synthesize the business, cost and technology elements into a cogent recommendation, and to then also create requirements. He quickly understands technical challenges, and has clear and concrete opinions how to do things.

I strongly recommend Damir as a technical leader.

Eric Foster, CEO at GoSend Ltd.

I am a medical doctor and run for 12 years a small but very competitive, international company in pharma industry. Most of our clients are international pharmaceutical companies or international CROs using very advanced IT systems.

Our IT has to be on the same level. Damir was essential in helping us to develop same level of IT competency – as a precondition for working on international projects. He is hones, reliable and delivers very quickly.

He finds simple solutions taking into account long-terms, further needs for development. Also, Damir is very good in explaining things to people who know very little about IT. It is always a pleasure working with him.

Željka Markić, CEO and Project Manager, Clinical Operations

Damir is a detail-oriented manager who makes detailed project documenetation and project goals so that working on his projects is a joy.

Kristijan Lukacin, CEO & Co-owner of Websolutions agency

Damir is always struggling to find the solution no matter how hard it seems. His straight to the point questions make him one of the best analysts I’ve worked with.

Ljubo Nikolic, Chairman Of The Board at Laus CC

Damir has great ability to quickly understand big picture of any software intensive venture and with unique clarity set focus of the development team on the most important topics.

I have experienced his extreme focus and “can do” attitude while I was agile coach on project and also when he was external support to our team on building intelligent recruitment analysis platform

Karlo Magdic, Agile Coach / Product Developer

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